Who we are

  "I dreamed and put together my love for medicine, beauty, nutrition, cosmetics and classical dance.

I wanted to create a completely natural cosmetic line, free of chemical agents, with the addition of anti-aging ingredients ..

A line dedicated exclusively to women of all ages ... I wanted to train a team of women specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery only ...

I wanted to create a nutrition and classical dance training program suitable for all women who have always dreamed of wearing a tutu but have never had the time or opportunity to do it .. "

Thus was born Medecine Nutrition and Danse. From the project of Dr. Monica Caddeo, graduated in Economics and Finance in Cagliari and then in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valencia, she then received a master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition in Milan.

Always passionate about classical dance, she attended the master's degree in classical dance medicine, currently a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and of the Association Amis des Ballets de Monte-Carlo.