Every body contains in itself the mystery of the original beauty even if sometimes it is hidden behind an ungrateful appearance .. that awaits its discoverer.

Every person is different, each person is the protagonist and will have a unique and special attention.


This program was created for those who dream of getting into shape through proper nutrition, an appropriate cosmetic routine and a balanced workout.

The program will be carried out exclusively online with continuous assistance.



The monthly package includes:

-          Nutritional advice with personalized food plan

-          Aesthetic medical advice

-          Cosmetology consultancy

-          Classical dance training program (also ideal for those who have never done dance)


The food plan will be prepared based on your food tastes, taking into account your allergies, intolerances and any pathologies. Fanciful recipes will be sent weekly.

Aesthetic medical advice and cosmetic consultancy will be necessary to advise you on the most suitable treatments and products for your skin and to correct your imperfections.

The ballet training program will take place through video lessons based on your level of preparation. The lessons can also be performed by those who have no experience with classical dance; there is also a specific program for pregnant women.


The Remise en forme program can be purchased in Italy and abroad. Available in English and French.


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Remise En Forme Package € 40